The town of Pasvalys is located in the North of Lithuania-one of the country's richest agricultural areas suitable for cattle-breeding and growing all kinds of crops. The main industries are Agriculture, Beer making, Cheese production, Bioethanol and Biogas manufacture.


Levens basic school is situated in a quiet beautiful area by the river Levuo. It serves the educational needs of Pasvalys and the district. It  is a basic ten-year public school enrolling 336 students in grades 1-10. There are 64 teachers working full time.

The school opened in the autumn of 1987 as a secondary school and graduated its first senior class in the spring of 1988. In 2003, due to the National education reform the school was reorganised into a basic school and has been functioning as a basic school ever since.


Levens’s academic programs are organized on a semester schedule. Students are required to take 5-6-7 (depending on the grade) periods out of a seven-period day each semester The school day is divided into seven 45-minute periods and two 20-minute lunch periods. Students meet with their classes on a daily basis.

Many students are involved into extracurricular activities such as football, basketball, swimming, handball, track and field, boxing, music school, dance club, art school, pottery, etc.

Levens basic school is committed to ensuring that all students graduate with the knowledge and skills required to succeed as contributing citizens in the 21st century.