Vilafant Logo

Ins Vilafant is a small high school in the region of Alt Empordà, Spain. It has around 400 students and more than 40 teachers. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality education to help our students meet the challenges of our nowadays society. Classes in our school are not too big and that’s why we can attend pupils more individually. Our school also provides significant materials to implement the curriculum and to cater for special educational needs. Ins Vilafant is very concerned about language learning, our students learn Catalan, Spanish, French and English. Thus, school endeavours to prepare our students for the multilingual and multicultural society in which we now live in.

All projects in our high-school foster entrepreneurship which will be helpful for the Social and Technological innovations for future life. Moreover, through all the other subjects we give students the means to develop their own values, such as respect, empathy or friendship. Summing up, we aim to foster, in co-operation with parents, a good school community in which we strive to develop each dimension of the pupils together with their skills and abilities.