The high school was formally established in 1882, on the 8th of October when the Ministry of Cults announced the founding of a Theoretical Middle school. In 1910, the Ministry of Cults approved that beginning with the 9th of January the middle school bear the name of “Fratii Buzesti“.

Colegiul National Fratii Buzesti holds over 2500 students aged 3 to 19 and over 130 teachers and auxiliary didactic staff who take pride in being the mentors of young generations.

Vision of Colegiul Național “Fratii Buzești”: This institution is a modern, competitive school which is strongly connected to the realities of the Romanian and European society.

Mission of Colegiul Național “Fratii Buzești” aims to ensure a high standard of education which is meant to stimulate in the long run the individual evolution and to make its levels of preparation compatible with the national and European requirements. This institution benefits from honor students and remarkable teachers and wishes to contribute actively to the shaping of an intellectual elite.