Bauskas city elementary school is situated in Bauska - a small town in the south of
Latvia,which has always been associated with its nearness to trade routes, continues
the tradition of trying to greet and welcome travellers.

Bauskas region is historical, you can find Bauska castle and Mežotne palace here.
As well as very unique in natural wonders, for example Bauska is the city in which
two rivers Musa and Memele join into river Lielupe.

Due to the unique opportunity to be in the valley of two rivers and in the middle of
Latvia, Bauska has always been a convenient and interesting place for travellers,
artists, event organisers, traders and athletes. Year after year new events take place
that become a tradition and welcome everyone to Bauska.

Bauskas city elementary school has been founded on 22 September 1919. In the
year 1951 the school was moved to it’s curent address rigas street 32 Over 325
pupils study in this school, starting from age of 7 and finishing school at age 15-
16.School provides compulsory elementary education from grade 1-9 and after
students can choose secondary school or professional college. There are 33
teachers at Bauskas city elementary school.

The variety of after classes activities are offered in Bauska city elementary school-
like dancing folk dances, singing, athletics and others.School currently is working on
several National agency’s projects and is starting first Erasmus+ project Mision
based learning.